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Application of creep pump in medical and health industry

Release Date:2015-08-07

Pump in the medical and health industry often used in disinfection machine, including cleaning, rinsing, boiling disinfection, drying and other processes, the introduction of the operation process of the pump can greatly improve the work efficiency, but also reduce the workload in the cleaning process. In the hospital or medical institution, with peristaltic pump of ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection cabinet can for medical surgical knife, pliers, scissors, tweezers, syringe, straws, various types of hose, a reagent bottle and so on in the operation process of con***ination and the need for strict cleaning sterilized medical devices are tools.

The crawling pump is mainly used in the sterilization machine, which is used to automatically add, inject all kinds of cleaning agents and disinfectants. Cleaning agent due to the amount of small, all in the proportion of the time must be accurate control of the dosage, to ensure the accuracy of the ratio of reagents, and these reagents will have a strong corrosive, so the general pump is very difficult to meet these requirements. Puri peristaltic pump has the advantages of small size, transportation design advantages of high accuracy, corrosion resistance, with control valve,, so can generally meet the customers of different industries of different special requirements and support customized products, can according to their actual demand customized for various types of peristaltic pump.

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