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Attention before using the pump and hose pump

Release Date:2015-08-07

Note: the new procurement of the pump, hose pump, before installation should be carried out on the need to check the pump.

1, the movement of the pump shaft rotation is normal, whether the existence of the case of the bearing card.

2, if the pump hose is needed, if the replacement of the pump, found that the use of the hose in the presence of wear, crack, etc., should be replaced in a timely manner to replace the pump hose, or the part of the pump head to move away from the pump head to prevent the same segment of the hose to achieve higher fluid transmission effect.

3, the pump operation switch is normal, one by one check the control panel on each operation button, power switch and other keys are normal work. To complete the above inspection items, confirmed no abnormal, you can rest assured that the use of new procurement to come back to the peristalsis pump, hose pump.

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