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Advantages of domestic diaphragm pump

Release Date:2015-08-07

Since the last century ninety's, along with our country instrument industry to enter the rapid development period, the domestic micro diaphragm pump market rapid growth. The use of the instrument in the use of micro pump flow in more than ten liters per minute, and some even lower to tens of ml per hour. Micro diaphragm pump efficiency is high, movement mechanism and the transmission medium is completely isolated, non dynamic seal, no leakage, small volume, light weight, with self absorption capacity, not afraid of idling, no need of lubrication and maintenance, low noise. It as a miniature vacuum pump, without irrigation pump, immediately after the start of water drainage, both pumping and pumping, not afraid to do. The advantages of the micro diaphragm pump, especially the non polluting, self absorption, make it widely used in the instrument industry. At present, the development of domestic micro diaphragm pump is very fast, the low-end market is basically occupied by domestic products. Domestic low-end product quality also and imported brands exist certain distance, but the gap is step by step to narrow, universal product performance is basically without any gap, as the excellent quality of high-end miniature diaphragm pump H & X Xu Zhan Shanghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., some technology has been leading in China top brand products, such as "H&X" micro diaphragm pump optimized structure design and use the high-quality of the long-lived component and mechanics of materials research and breakthrough, performance occupies the leading position, life is superior to that of the imported brands diaphragm pump, noise and life also is superior to that of the imported diaphragm pump. Domestic miniature diaphragm pump in virtue of its technical strength and price, product customization services, domestic diaphragm pump is step by step to replace the imported diaphragm pump, towards a market of spring.

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