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Classification of the product of the creeping pump

Release Date:2015-08-07

Pump products are divided into the following types of main functions:

Speed control type of the pump: the main control of the pump speed control of the potentiometer, the positive and negative start and stop, generally with the basic functions of the economic type of pump;

Flow display peristaltic pump type: with operation with showed total fluid delivery and to transport process by the flow correction function, peristaltic pumps generally use the high torque design. Only in this way can be equipped with a plurality of peristaltic pump head, improve efficiency in the use of a peristaltic pump;

Flow metering type of the pump: with the running of the same volume and the calculation of the total amount of time and time to add the function of the material, the use of high power direct current brushless drive;

High precision packing: high precision peristaltic pump conveying, driven by servo motor, closed-loop control, mute operation without noise

Industrial type of the pump: the pump is mainly used in the industrial production process of large flow transmission of the speed pump, the use of DC motor or motor driven;

Bulk transfer type of the pump: the pump can meet the requirements of mass transfer of fluid

Straight line type of pump: the main can be easily and quickly for fluid replacement, while changing the fluid can be very quick to clean and sterilization hose

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