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The advantages and disadvantages of Puri linear peristaltic pump and a ceramic pump

Release Date:2015-08-07

Puri main English precise (precise) and prepared (ready, exquisite) two words of the first three letters pronunciation homophonic, meaning "accurate fluid control", "ready" and "refined products" meaning, "fluid" reflected the development direction of the company, dedicated to precision fluid conveying technology research and related products manufacturing. English trademarks

"PreFluid", the main meaning is "PreciseFluidTransport" - the precise fluid transportation.

Changzhou prefluid Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of peristaltic pump, has been for many kinds of fields provide fluid comprehensive solutions, such as food, chemical, scientific research, pharmaceutical, medical, environmental protection water treatment, printing and other field.

Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of a pump and a ceramic pump from a different point of view:

Filling accuracy

The error of the linear creep pump is within 0.2%, thereby reducing the cost of the product.

Ceramic pump packing = + 0.5% error loading error = + 2% glass pump

Cleaning and disinfection

Straight line type of fluid in the pump to run in the pump hose with hose contact, no dead ends, no liquid deposition phenomenon

Ceramic pump due to the mechanical friction caused by the particles in the pump body can not be completely drained of fluid, the sensitive material to produce shear, not suitable for viscous or crystallization

Material disassembly and maintenance

Straight line type of pump need to disassemble the hose is extremely simple, just a few seconds to complete, small labor intensity, can maximize the production efficiency;

Ceramic pump due to mechanical structure, the disassembly process is extremely complex, labor intensity is large, and extremely easy to cause damage to the pump, to a large extent, reduce production efficiency

In terms of loading dose adjustment

Linear peristaltic pump for each pump can be suitable for 0.1-40ml all doses, by replacing the six 6.4mm7.9mm9.7mm3.2mm4.8mm12.7mm different diameter hose to adjust loading, can be also combined two transistor operation.

Ceramic pump each can only be suitable for the most 1:5 dose, such as 1-5ml5-25ml10-50ml, etc., the user to replace the 1:5, the higher the cost of measurement

Leakage control

Linear peristaltic pump can be set slow start to prevent splash or bubble phenomenon, also can achieve stop and suck back anti dropping, back to the suction angle of 0-360 DEG

Ceramic pump function of anti leakage is not ideal

Online CIP

Straight line type of pump hose inside and outside no dead, very easy to achieve online SIP.

Disinfection and cleaning of ceramic pump, dead space, easy to remain, cleaning process is complex, it is difficult to achieve online SIP, online CIP

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