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Baidu Encyclopedia of the pump

Release Date:2015-08-07

A crawling pump

English Name: peristaltic pump


A liquid delivery device for controlling flow rate. It is common that the content of the tube is moving in a certain direction through the repeated compression elastic tube, and the flow velocity is determined by the diameter and the compression speed of the tube. System for liquid chromatography and perfusion.

Applied discipline:

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (discipline); methods and techniques (two disciplines)

2, crawling pump directory:

Working principle of the pump

Superiority of the pump

Limitations of the pump

Application field of the pump

Classification of creeping pump

A crawling pump is a fluid filled hose with a finger, and the fluid moves forward with the fingers. The pump is also the principle of the roller instead of the finger. To pump the fluid through the pumping and release of the elastic transfer hose. Like two fingers pinching hose, with the finger movement, the formation of vacuum tube, the liquid flows along. Peristaltic pump is in the two rotating rolls of a pump form a "pillow" shape of fluid. "The volume depends on the geometric features of pillow" in the pump tube diameter and the rotor. Flow depends on the speed of the pump head and the "pillow" size, the number of the rotor of each rotation of the "pillow" of the product of the three parameters. The "pillow" size is generally constant (except when the pump is particularly large. Compared with the same pump with the same diameter, the larger "pillow" volume of the pump, and the volume of the fluid in each rotor of the rotor is larger, but the pulse is also larger. This is similar to the case of membrane valves. And the smaller "pillow" volume of the pump, the rotor of each rotation of the fluid volume is smaller; and, the rapid and continuous formation of small "pillow" so that the flow of fluid is more stable. This is similar to the case of a gear pump.

Superiority of the pump

1, and no pollution: not only contact with the fluid pump, pump body contact

2, - high precision: repeat accuracy, high stability

3, the low shear is: conveying shear sensitive, strong erosion ideal fluid

4, good sealing: good self absorption capacity, can be idling, can prevent backflow

- 5, maintenance is simple: no valve and seal

6, with two-way traffic capacity; no liquid transport in the case of any parts of the pump damage; can produce up to 98% of the vacuum; no valve, mechanical seal and packing seal device, there is no leakage and maintenance factors; can easily transport solid, liquid or gas liquid mixed phase, allowing the fluid inside the diameter of the tubular element 40%; can transport various kinds of abrasive, corrosive, oxygen sensitive characteristics and various food, etc., only for the need to replace the hose, the replacement operation is very simple; in addition to the hose, the product is not contact with any parts

Limitations of the pump

1 pressure limitation: using a flexible tube, the pressure will be limited.

2 pump in operation will produce a pulse flow,

The solution is: using pulse Suppressors

Pulse suppressors is a simple positioning container, the working principle is due to air liquid ratio is more compressible, pulse flow into the container, a liquid on the airbag subsidence for absorbing pulse and flat out pulse suppressor

3 by adjusting the speed of peristaltic pump and pump diameter change to flow changes, peristaltic pump flow relatively narrow scope

Classification of creeping pump

Use of the pump is in order to get the required flow, so according to the operation and use of the pump, the pump is divided into:

1, speed type of pump

2, flow type of pump

3, the distribution of the pump.

Selection of pump system

Peristaltic pump system consists of three parts: drive peristaltic pump, peristaltic pump, peristaltic pump pump.

1 select tube

As the peristaltic pump hose condition

- with a certain elasticity, that is, the radial pressure after the rapid recovery of shape

- with a certain abrasion resistance

- ability to have a certain pressure.

- no leakage (good)

Low adsorption, good heat resistance, aging, not swelling, corrosion, low precipitation

2 select the pump head

Selection of single and multi channel transmission fluid

Is easy to replace hose

Is easy to fix hose

The pressure tube gap is fine tuned to fit the hose with different wall thickness.

Roller selection: 6 roller structure is slightly larger relative flow; 10 roller structure of fluid pulsation amplitude is small

If the structure of the trigger is smart, open the card is convenient.

3 select drive

Is required for traffic control;

Is required for liquid volume distribution;

Flow range size;

The overall structure is reasonable, operation is convenient;

Whether the flow accuracy and the accuracy of liquid volume can meet the requirements

Special requirements: protection level, explosion-proof grade, etc.

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